I say “parma”, you say “parmi”, Schnithouse says “who gives a damn what it’s called, we’re gonna load all your food dreams onto one and you’re gonna love us for it!”.

In case you’re wondering what that was all about, I’m from Melbourne, where we call parmigianas “parmas”. Unlike in Adelaide, where they are called “parmis”.  I learnt the hard way. I’m now working on adjusting my vocabulary depending on which city I’m in.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s move onto the important issue here, which is that if you’ve ever dreamt of putting corn chips and jalapeños onto a chicken parmigiana, then take a seat while I bring you this news flash – Schnithouse exists and they are here to make this and so much more possible.

This exciting, relatively new German-influenced restaurant / Beer House chain, exclusive to Adelaide, is serving up a unique parmigiana experience behind the doors of their 3 casual-dining eateries. The images and this review will be based on the Norwood restaurant. You can find the other 2 Schnithouses in Elizabeth and Adelaide CBD.

Schnithouse offer 4 different “schnitzel” bases for you to choose from: Chicken Schnit, Bull Schnit (veal), Pig in Schnit (pork), Deep Sea Schnit (fish) and Vegetarian Schnit (eggplant), which are freshly crumbed and cooked to order and topped with a delicious range of fun toppings.

“Federer” eggplant parmi

You’re a protein junkie, I hear you say? Well maybe the Protein Schnitzel topped with baby spinach, mushrooms, tomato, avocado and bacon is for you… Can’t decide if you feel like a schnitzel or the leftover Indian food from last night? No worries – the Bollywood Schnitzel with house-made curry sauce, mint yogurt and pappadums will take care of that… Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of what an onion ring-topped schnitzel would taste like. Then the “Godra” Schnitzel is most definitely for you, my friend.

You get my point! Here was the first Schnithouse schnit I tried, the (chicken schnitzel base) Dirty Gringo and it didn’t disappoint.

“Dirty Gringo” Chicken Schnitzel

Priced between $23 and $30, the gourmet schnitzels aren’t exactly cheap, but you can justify the price once you see the quantity of food you receive. Their menu offers much, much more than just schnitzels, too! If a roll or wrap is more your style, or even a classic burger or steak or seafood basket, then they have you covered. As much as I am tempted to eat my way through all their gourmet schnitzels, I think next time I will try something more modest from the menu so that I can reverse some stomach space to try their Schnithouse (oh yes, you guessed it) dessert parmi!

Food aside, the layout of the Norwood restaurant is very open and inviting, good for groups and casual dining/ drinking. An Adelaide eating experience I would recommend to all schnitzel-lovers.

Bonus fun fact: the building was formerly the Norwood Baptist Church, so if you happen to go to the loo, have a quick glance up and to the right where you’ll spot this gigantic organ which has been preserved. Isn’t she pretty?!

Giant organ found inside Schnithouse Norwood

I think for me, Schnithouse left such a lasting impression because of the novelty factor. I don’t believe a comparable schnitzel experience exists back home in Melbourne (except for the original Rochy Hotel and their $10 parma specials. #neverforget), so I would highly recommend Schnithouse for groups visiting Adelaide looking for a fun eating experience. 

Schnithouse Norwood
134A  The Parade, Norwood SA
Monday – Friday: 11am – late
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – late

Schnithouse Rundle Street
260 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA
Monday – Sunday: 8am – late

Schnithouse Elizabeth
50 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth SA
Monday – Sunday: 9am – late


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        • unique eating experience
        • includes licenced bar
        • good for groups


        • bit on the pricey side

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