Popping colours and a large open window set right in front of diners work together to make you feel part of the Levant Eatery experience before even stepping inside the trendy and delightful cafe found on the west end of Hindley street.

I had high expectations for my first experience at Levant Eatery, as it is one of my SO’s favourite places for lunch in the CBD, therefore, I had painted in my mind a pretty decent impression of what I imagine the restaurant to be like. The day finally arrived where I would experience a highly acclaimed Levant sandwich for myself… I must say, it was everything I expected plus so much more! I’m not just talking about the quality of the food, but everything about the place – the decor, atmosphere, you name it!

Now, for whatever reason, I imagined the cafe to be older style; one that you instantly knew had been standing for 15 years, prioritising on the food quality of the recipes handed down for generations over the interior style and ambience. I was way off! It is actually a really hip place, popping with colour and patterns, young workers and vibes, yet still oozes in tradition and authenticity of everything you’d expect from an authentic Eastern Mediterranean restaurant. I will continue bragging about my meal in a minute, but first we need to take a couple of steps back towards the entrance, because the way you order your food has even been thought about and needs to be addressed.

As you step inside the cafe, at the counter, there’s a box of clipboards with self-order forms. Already, I’m more in love with how they’re doing things at Levant. That extra bit of customer interaction really did add to the experience of eating there, whilst also being a mega-convenient way to take orders for both parties involved, and when they are so popular that they have lines going out the door every day, the self-order forms suddenly seem more essential than a novelty. And who doesn’t love filling out forms and ticking boxes?!

☑ not me

If you’re there for one of their freshly baked in-house pocket sandwiches (which I recommend you do try at least once), you’ll see on the front of the form that they’ve made the decision-making a little easier for you (phew!). Firstly, choose your bread/grain type, then your veggie mix, then your protein, then sauces to top off. And then you’re done!

For example, my form went a little like this:

☑ Whole wheat pocket bread
☑ Protein mix – grilled broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini
Home-made falafel
Muhamara (mild) sauce – roasted eggplant, capsicum and chillies

And it came out looking something like this:

left: whole wheat pocket bread, “protein mix” veggies, falafel, muhamara sauce / right: whole wheat pocket bread, “protein mix” veggies, halloumi, Levant sauce

Would you take a look at the size of this thing?! The falafel inside this guy was just to die for. There was no denying that it was cooked then and there. Dat crunch…

I did struggle to eat my way through the whole thing, but when the prices are so reasonable ($12-$14), you’re still winning.

If you’re not up for a pocket sandwich, then you can choose quinoa or couscous as your base instead, or alternatively, you can flip the order form over to see more delicious dishes to choose from.

You will hear me frequently bragging about the service and general friendliness of Adelaide shop assistants being > those of Melbourne. The service at Levant Eatery is no exception to that. While wiping down our table for us, the super helpful worker noticed that our table wobbled slightly and even took care of that for us before we took a seat! Legend!

I was so super impressed with this place that I’m really struggling to note a con. I will definitely be back to try more of the tasty food they have to offer – I’m particularly keen to get my tastebuds around their breakfast menu which sounds amazing. They also offer the option of takeaway in funky little branded paper bags (note: perfect Instagram opportunity) ;), but with such trendy decor and layout, I would choose to eat in whenever possible. I mean, even the dang toilet was so beautifully designed. So much so that I had to get a photo of it, too!

Levant Eatery
252 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA
Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 4:30pm

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