It’s the talk of the town. You’ve heard your brother and co-worker brag about them. Now it’s your turn to sink your teeth into a highly acclaimed Dexter bun.

The northern suburb of Preston has seen an increase in popularity in the recent years and is continuing to become more well-known for the quality inner-city-esque restaurants/bars continuing to pop up in the area. One of Preston’s new additions, Dexter, is a blessing sent from the burger Gods of the North. This meat and buns diner located on High Street, holding pride of an almost perfect Zomato rating, is a must-try if you are in the area. Heck, I would even encourage you to make your way out there JUST to try it out. But be warned, the place is mega popular, so if you’re making trip up here, I would recommend securing a booking beforehand, especially if you are a big group.

With countless outstanding reviews and 0.1 off from a perfect Zomato rating, I knew we were in for a treat. And that we were. Look for the light-up cube marked with a black ‘X’ on the restaurant front. Congratulations, you just levelled up in your burger game.

The style and layout of Dexter is slick and modern without being too hipster. It’s a very narrow and long space, but they have cleverly made use of the available space to (just) comfortably fit as many seats and patrons as possible. We were seated on one of the tables against the left wall when you walk in and I did notice that I felt very close to the couple on the next table. But the dimmed lighting situation definitely helped to void any awkward or intrusive feelings. The place was completely full by the time our mains were served with more people huddled around the door hoping to grab a seat. It’s obvious that this place is very popular, and once our food was served, there was no denying why.  

Dexter is listed as a non-traditional meatery serving up American-style BBQ and buns. The chefs utilise smoking and chargrill BBQ techniques, and pair this with flavours from Mexico, Asia, France and alike. There are a couple of vegeterian options, but the rest of the menu is heavily weighted on their specialty, which is perfectly-cooked meat dishes. Let’s take a moment to appreciate their starters selection. Does burnt Sriracha corn, pickled fried shiitake mushrooms or KFC (that is, kentucky fried cauliflower) tickle your tastebuds? How about Hot Meat Donuts? Yes, that’s a thing and a very popular Dexter dish at that. If you can handle a mix of sweet and savoury, then I would highly recommend you try the meat donuts.

Hot Meat Donuts

Never before have I been so tempted to skip mains just so I could try all of the starters! I ordered the KFC to start, followed by the fried chicken burger. I can confidently say that the fried chicken burger was the best burger I have laid eyes and tastebuds on. The chicken was so juicy and tender with a perfectly crunchy and flavoursome batter. This made biting into it a breeze, which is what you want when you’re in public getting your face all up in a burger. The burger was so darn good I just had to keep eating my way through the entire thing, when I knew I had reached capacity and was in the danger zone of entering a food coma. Worth it. Well, maybe not when I had no room to try dessert. But based on looks and smell, the freshly baked cookies of the ‘Milk and Cookies’ dessert item is going to remain on my mind until I return again to try it.

Kentucky Fried Cauliflower
Fried Chicken Burger

The presentation of the food is also noteworthy. It showed that thought has gone into designing the aesthetics of each dish separately to give it its own suitable presentation look. I really dug that. The donuts spilling out of the paper bag on the plate, the pickled fried shiitake mushrooms with a perfectly piped condiment dollop. A very nice addition to the already winning eatery.

Pickled Fried Shiitake Mushrooms

Ah, Dexter. What a glorious find. This faultless restaurant has great things going for it. And more great things to come, too, with the announcement of takeaway pizza and cocktails under their management coming soon! Yes please!

456 High Street, Preston VIC
Tuesday – Thursday: 5pm – 10pm
Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Monday: closed

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